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New to Texas Wine! Sagrantino Variety

It is Texas Wine Month and I recently visited Messina Hof Winery and Resort in Bryan, TX where I tasted the Sagrantino wine. Messina Hof is the first to grown the Sagrantino grape in Texas! A bit about the Sagrantino grape : It is an Italian grape variety native to Central Italy. This grape has one of the highest tannic levels in the world. Tannins cause that bitter, dry taste you taste in red wines, which comes from the skins, seeds and stems of the grapes. Tannins have been found to be excellent antioxidants as well. I really enjoyed the Messina Hof Paulo Sagrantino. It was dark in color, jammy, fruit flavors and earthy tones on the palate. Food Pairings: Italian! Pizza, steak, lamb, aged cheeses and earthy foods; pasta with truffles and risotto with mushrooms would pair well with this wine.



#Texaswines #MessinaHofWinery #ItalianFoodPairing #TexasWineMonth

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