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Wine Tasting give you an opportunity to taste different wines. We offer virtual tastings from the comfort of your home or office.  Tastings can be customized.  Popular classes include:

A Perfect Pairing Signature Blind Tasting 

Wine Tasting 101

Texas Wine Tasting 

Wine Tastings by Region 

Wine & Food Pairing

Schedule Your Virtual Tasting 

Bottles of Wine

Virtual Wine Tastings Include:

Selection of Wine: 3-5 Wines

Wines will be selected by your wine guide and shipped or picked up by you at one of our preferred wine stores.  

Guided 1 Hour Tasting with Wine Specialist

Cost: Start at approximately $25/per person 

Cost does not include cost of wine. The cost to APP Wine Group is for the virtual wine tasting class.  Maximum of 6 people. Minimum of $100.  

1) Pick up or receive your selected wine.

Wine is  selected by your wine specialist/guide.  Your wine can either be shipped to you at your home or office or picked up by you at one of our preferred wine stores in your area.  

2) Grab your wine glasses.

We can make suggestions on wine glasses to use for your tasting to enhance your wine experience. 

3) Check your email for your wine tasting materials.

We will prepare customized wine notes and placemats for your tasting that can be viewed virtually or printed out.

4) Choose wine pairings or light bites. 

Food is not necessary for the wine tasting however, we do recommend palate cleansers or light bites.  A list of suggested palate cleansers will be provided by your wine guide. 

5) Connect virtually to your mobile device or computer. 

We will  send you the link to your virtual tasting room where your virtual wine experience will take place. 

Enjoy the wine tasting experience with your private wine guide in the comfort of your home or office!  


Please contact us for customized pricing for your tasting.

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